Rincón de Mencos 1

31300 Tafalla (Navarra)

Diseño: Intermedio Comunicación
Fotografía: Eduardo Sanz

Visit the wine cellar


The Mencos family has, over generations, maintained a long-standing relationship with wine growing and making. The wine cellar was built in the mid eighteenth century and enjoyed its heyday a century later.

Half of the original and vast wine cellar has been preserved. The original floors can be admired as well as the walls and the whitewashed vault. In addition, there are marvellous ancient oak wine vats on display.

The visits to the wine cellar are guided by a series of information panels. The wine cellar is open for visits in the months of July, August, and September, every day between 11 and 14 h.

Download the information leaflet on the Mencos’ Palace wine cellar.

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